Approaching 100% coverage for GO assignments in S.pombe

A paper by Martin Aslett and Val Wood indicate that the fission yeast community is approaching 100% coverage of a GO annotation for every gene in the S. pombe genome. Only Ashbya gossypii has a smaller genome in the fungi (see a recent paper on Ashbya annotation database) and doesn’t yet have complete GO coverage. This is quite remarkable and a great dataset for studies in S. pombe and all fungi.

S. pombe taken from Paul Young’s site

My quick predictions of genes a closely related species, S. japonicus, has more than twice as many genes as S. pombe (but be over-prediction by ab initio predictors). Taken in comparison to many other fungi, S. pombe represents a streamlined and reduced genome which probably occured indepdently from reduction in the Hemiascomycetes.

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    I am a doctorate student from University of Oxford. I am currently working on a web site for S. pombe and I would like to include the picture above in my banner. I am wondering what the source of that image is, as I cannot find it anywhere else. If it is your image, would it be ok for me to use it? How should I cite it? I would be very greatful if you would help me out!

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