More Neurospora genomes

We got word last week from the JGI that our DNA for Neurospora tetrasperma and N. discreta have passed QC and library QC and are on their way to being sequenced. The center also plans to do some EST sequencing to improve gene calling abilities.

Why more Neurospora genomes? The sequencing proposal discussed these species as a model system for evolutionary and ecological genetics. It will allow us and others to test several hypotheses about the molecular evolution of things like genome defense in Neurospora and to understand more about the evolutionary history of the model organism N. crassa.

I think one of the interesting aspects is also genome consequences of evolution of different mating systems. As such a N. tetrasperma mat A and mat a idiomorph were chosen for sequencing although mat a will have 0.5x  coverage while mat A will be 5X.  We have several hypotheses about what types of patterns we will see and are looking forward to first genome assemblies in the next few months.

Neurospora tree

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  1. I’m looking forward to seeing these data and considering their implications for the evolution of sex.. Thanks to the white-paper authors and JGI for making these genomes happen!

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