Bay Area Seminar(s): Jonathan Eisen

For those within reach of Bay Area, Jonanthan Eisen (who recently posted about 3-day Biology and Mathematics in the Bay Area meeting) will be presenting at Bay Area BioSystematists meeting on Oct 16. I had the pleasure of presenting in the series last month in a 3-way forum with Nancy Moran and Dan Pollard.

Below is the BABS announcement:


The Bay Area Biosystematists
and the
California Academy of Sciences

Genomics as a tool in studying the evolution and diversity of the small things that run the planet

Jonathan Eisen, Ph.D.
U.C. Davis Genome Center


TUESDAY October 16th, 2007
Program begins at ***5:30 pm***
California Academy of Sciences
Sequoia Board Room, 3rd floor

Dr. Jonathan Eisen is an evolutionary biologist and a professor at the University of California at Davis. His research focuses on the origin of novelty (how new processes and functions originate) in microorganisms. To study this, his lab focuses on sequencing and analyzing genomes of cultured isolates as well as metagenomes from communities, and in developing phylogenomic methods to analyze such data. Dr. Eisen’s lab is in the U.C. Davis Genome Center and he has appointments in the Section on Evolution and Ecology and the Department of Medical Microbiology and Immunology and is an Adjunct Scientist at the Joint Genome Institute.
Dr. Eisen earned his PhD from Stanford University and his undergraduate degree from Harvard College. Prior to moving to Davis he was a faculty member at The Institute for Genomic Research (TIGR).

Event Details

Dinner, soft drinks and beer will be served for $12 dollars/person beginning at 5.30 pm.
If you wish to join us for dinner, please send an email to Lindsay Irving at
no later than Monday October 15th, 2007.

Please specify vegetarian or omnivorous preferences

CAS is located at 875 Howard Street, DOWNTOWN San Francisco, between 4th and 5th, 2 blocks south of Market St.

The event will take place in the Sequoia Boardroom, 3rd floor

There are several public parking areas close by (the closest is on 5th
street, between Howard and Mission). You also may be able to park on the
street. Otherwise, BART is very convenient. The closest BART station is
Powell, 2 (long) blocks from CAS.

We look forward to seeing you at CAS!

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