AAM Releases “The Fungal Kingdom” Report

AAM The Fungal Kindgom Report CoverThe American Academy of Microbiology has released a report (PDF and archived on fungalgenomes.org) on the Fungal Kingdom outlining importance of research in the kingdom and recommending several areas of priority for future areas of research.

One recommendation that makes the top of the list is an integrated database for fungal genomes, something we’re keenly interested in seeing happen.  This sort of centralized repository of functional annotation, literature links, and genome sequences and annotation is critical given the 150+ genomes that are available or on their way.  Systematic re-annotation with consistent tools, comparative analyses and gene predictions, and linking gene sequences by homology and ortholog predictions are a critical component to fully utilizing the genomic data that has been produced for the fungi and other organisms.

2 thoughts on “AAM Releases “The Fungal Kingdom” Report”

  1. Thanks for the link. It is a pity that gathering other types of data (not just genome sequence) for many other species was also not on the list. Interactions (genetic, protein-protein, protein-DNA), post-translational modifications, metabolic fluxes, etc. In the same way we learn so much by comparing genomes we would benefit a lot from being able to compare other types of information.

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