Emerging Fungal Disease Conference

[This was postponed due to Eyjafjallajökull – see a recent post about the 2011 conference]

New and Emerging Fungal Diseases of Animals and Plants : evolutionary aspects in the context of global changes

Roscoff,Brittany FRANCE

April 17, 2010

The CNRS and Conferences Jaques Monod are hosting a 4-day meeting at the French Marine Biology research station in Roscoff, Brittany on the evolution and dynamics of emerging fungal pathogens. This meeting will focus on the widening impacts that fungi are having on human, plant and animal health by considering the factors that drive their emergence within an evolutionary context. Specifically, the meeting will consider whether environmental change is facilitating fungal range expansions and genotypes, and to what extent this is predictable. The meeting will bring together leading evolutionary biologists, theoreticians and fungal biologists/ecologists in a beautiful setting to consider these questions and to formulate new research strategies.

Plenary speakers:

Frangois Balloux ; Imperial College London, UK
Lynne Boddy ; University of Cardiff, UK
Bruno Le Cam ; INRA Angers, France
Ignazio Carbone ; North Carolina State University, USA
Jean Carlier ; CIRAD Montpellier, France
Jean Marie Cornuet ; Centre de Biologie et de Gestion des Populations
Sybren de Hoog ; CBS Fungal Biodiversity Centre, Netherlands
Frangois Delmotte ; INRA Bordeaux, France
Marie-Laure Desprez-Loustau ; INRA Bordeaux, France
Matthew Fisher ; Imperial College London
Sylvain Gandon ; CNRS Centre d’Ecologie Fonctionnelle et Evolutive Montpellier, France
Trenton Garner ; Insitute of Zoology, UK
Greg Gilbert ; University of California, Santa Cruz
Tatiana Giraud ; CNRS – Universiti d’Orsay, France
Michael Hood ; Amherst College, USA
Mogens Hovmoller ; Aarhus University, Denmark
Levente Kiss ; Plant Protection Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Linda Kohn ; University of Toronto, Canada
Marc Henri Lebrun ; INRA BIOGER, France
Celeste Linde ; Australian National University
David Lodge ; University of Notre Dame, USA
Benont Margais ; INRA Nancy, France
Bruce McDonald ; ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Michael Milgroom ; Cornell University, USA
Ingrid Parker ; University of California, Santa Cruz
Amy Pedersen ; Sheffield University, UK
Anne Pringle ; Harvard University, USA
Virginie Ravigni ; CIRAD Montpellier, France
Eva Stukenbrock ; University of Erhus, Denmark
John Taylor ; University of California at Berkeley, USA
Frank van den Bosch ; BBSRC, Rothamsted Research, UK

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