Busy, but here are some links

Dear Hyphal Tip reader-

I’m having a hard time making enough to blog about interesting papers at length, but to spell you I am putting up twitter msgs about papers that have interesting abstracts and are worth a followup look.  You’ll see these in the boringly titled “Weekly Twitter Updates” on Monday morning with a round up links from the week’s twitterings by @fungalgenomes.  If you are like me, sometimes just a survey of some interesting titles is enough to introduce a new paper that might be worth reading but you don’t have time to read a whole long post about a paper anyways.  Hopefully there will be some more time this summer to catch up on papers that could be blogged about.  I also plan on reorganizing some more of the links to accessible genome data and database resource to make it easier to mine and download this information.  With so many projects that are no longer specifically funded or directed by sequencing centers since every lab can pretty much do a fungal genome now, it is hard for the list to realistically expect to keep it  up to date without other contributors to it.

I’m also open and interested in other people with mycological interests providing short blogged reviews on papers or fungal genome database resources, but I understand the pull between spending time writing things that “count” (ie published, peer reviewed papers & reviews), getting work done, and blogging.

Other things here are afoot with work developing databases for fungal genome data, a bunch of new data loads for gbrowse tools that is competing with my time teaching and the work to get initial lab projects running that are takes up lots of time.  I co-submitted a couple of CSP proposals and tried to support other fungal groups’ proposals with some letters.  In the meantime I’ll keep blogging about what comes across my plate and hope to see you at a conference this summer or online.