Still time to sign up for the Gordon Conference

A message from the Fungal Cellular & Molecular Biology chairs:

Fellow Fungal Biologists,

We have only 6 weeks until the Cellular and Molecular Fungal Biology Gordon Conference! We have 11 spots for speakers that will be filled based on poster abstracts and we’re especially interested in giving postdocs and grad students the chance to present. If you want to be considered for a talk, be sure you’ve submitted your poster title and abstract online by MONDAY, MAY 10. To update your poster title and abstract follow the link in the email you received from the Gordon Conference notifying you of your acceptance to the meeting. We also still have a few open slots for meeting participants, so if others in your lab are interested in coming, let them know to sign up.

Looking forward to a great meeting!

Michelle Momany and John Taylor Co-Chairs CMFB GRC

2 thoughts on “Still time to sign up for the Gordon Conference”

  1. Tempting. Its looks fairly interesting and I have never been to fungal specific meetings. Is this a friendly/open environment overall ? Do you think there would be interest in evolution of phosphorylation kinda of stuff ?

  2. It is very friendly. I think some of your research would fit well here – this has typically been a very molecular & cell biology oriented meeting with an emphasis on filamentous fungi, but yeast, pombe, and others are definitely presented and welcomed. There are usually several Candida and Ustilago talks.

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