Gerry Fink wins Gruber Genetics prize

Congrats are in order to Gerry Fink on winning the 2010 Gruber Foundation award for his work on the genetics of yeast and Arabidopsis. He has been a pioneer in the field developing molecular biology approaches and leading the field in study of genetics.  See the press release announcement for more details on the award – I got word of this thanks to the Genetics Society of America email.

Gerry’s had profound impact on the field of genetics and biology it is wonderful to see this awarded to him. Personally, he’s subtly influenced several things that have benefited my career : helping get the fungal genome initiative started, as the mentor of my grad advisor, serving on advisory boards like the one for my postdoc fellowship, and his leadership and ingenuity producing new tools and approaches to understanding genetics and fungal biology.  Well deserved award and it is great to see recognition of a stellar geneticist.

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