The roundup of twittered updates for 2010-10-06

  • Dispersal of fungal spores on a cooperatively generated wind #
  • Genome mining for the discovery of new nitrilases in filamentous fungi #
  • The evolutionary rate variation among genes of HOG-signaling pathway in yeast genomes #
  • TF StuA regulates carbon metabolism, mycotoxin production, & effector gene expression in wheat pathogen S nodorum #
  • Beyond aflatoxin: 4 expression patterns & functional roles associated with A flavus secondary metabolism gene clusters #
  • Expanding the ku70 toolbox for filamentous fungi: complementation vectors & recipient strains for gene analyses #
  • Survey of the transcriptome of Aspergillus oryzae via massively parallel mRNA sequencing #
  • Elucidation of the complete ferrichrome A biosynthetic pathway in Ustilago maydis #
  • Patterns of fungal diversity and composition along a salinity gradient #
  • Posttranscriptional control of growth and development in Ustilago maydis #
  • The transcription factor FgStuAp influences spore development, pathogenicity and secondary metabolism in F graminearum #
  • Global gene expression analysis of A nidulans reveals metabolic shift and transcription suppression under hypoxia #
  • Temporal and Spatial Regulation of Gene Expression During Asexual Development of Neurospora crassa #
  • 2B- and H3-specific Histone Deacetylases are Required for DNA Methylation in Neurospora crassa #
  • Aflatoxin export in Aspergillus parasiticus: a possible role for exocytosis #
  • Screening of a soil metatranscriptomic library by functional complementation of Saccharomyces cerevisiae mutants #

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