The roundup of twittered updates for 2011-03-15

  • Colocalization of amanitin and a candidate toxin-processing prolyl oligopeptidase in Amanita basidiocarps #
  • A network approach to predict pathogenic genes for Fusarium graminearum #
  • Performance of COX1 gene to study metabolically active Pezizomycotina & Agaricomycetes fungal communities from soil RNA #
  • A. fumigatus proteome metabolic chgs & activation of pseurotin A biosynth gene cluster in response to hypoxia #
  • Allele-specific non-syn substitutions accumul in region of recomb supp on mating-type chroms of Neurospora tetrasperma #
  • Degradation of chlorinated pesticide DDT by litter-decomposing basidiomycetes #bioremediation #
  • Follow all the (sch)tweet action at the #OMGN11 (oomycete mtg) happening just before the #FGC11 (fungal genetics) #

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