The roundup of twittered updates for 2011-06-07

  • Tweeting from the 2011 Indoor Air conference in Austin, TX. #ia2011 I am learning about fungi in human built environment. #
  • 4 clades of Penicillium chrysogenum spp & kinds found indoor are very diff from other isolates so studies needed on those strains #ia2011 #
  • Wallemia sebi is a common indoor mold in some buildings, important to quantify #ia2011 #
  • Volatiles & secondary metabolites produced by fungi growing on building materials much diff from those produced in other native env. #ia2011 #
  • Most important things to keep your home healthy against mold seems to be keep your building dry and ventilated and mitigate quickly #ia2011 #
  • What happens with adopting green building materials mvmt, made out of grains & soy products & prone to microbial contamintion #ia2011 #
  • 1H Nuclear Magnetic Res To Measure Intracellular Metabolite Levels during Growth & Asexual Sporulation in N. crassa. #

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