The roundup of twittered updates for 2011-09-05

  • Diversification of genes for carotenoid biosynthesis in aphids following an ancient transfer from a fungus. #
  • Fungal polysaccharides: biological activity beyond the usual structural properties. #
  • Friend or foe: using systems biology to elucidate interactions between fungi and their hosts #
  • Fungal mating pheromones: choreographing the dating game #
  • DNA polymorphism in recombining and non-recombining mating-type-specific loci of the smut fungus Microbotryum #
  • Self vs. non-self: Fungal cell wall degradation in Trichoderma #
  • Fungal pathogenicity genes in the age of 'omics' #
  • Expression of 3 isoprenoid biosynthesis genes and their effects on the carotenoid production of M. circinelloides #

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