Keystone Meeting on Fungal Pathogens

Upcoming 1st deadline for the Keystone Meeting on Fungal Pathogens, held in Santa Fe, NM January 2012. This looks to be a great gathering of scientists working on pathogens and fungal biology. The deadline for the abstracts is September 19. If you submit after this deadline it will cost more so don’t delay if you think you’d like to attend.

Please find attached an announcement and program for the first Keystone Symposia Meeting on Fungal Pathogens: From Basic Biology to Drug Discovery. The conference will be held January 15-20, 2012 in Santa Fe, New Mexico and is poised to be a milestone for the field. Please note the upcoming Abstract & Scholarship deadline of September 19, 2011.

The aim of this meeting is to bring together the academic, medical and pharmaceutical communities focused on fungal microbial pathogens of humans and other animals to illustrate common themes, and therapeutic, diagnostic and preventive strategies. Opportunities for interdisciplinary interactions will be significantly enhanced by the concurrent meeting on Drug Discovery for Protozoan Parasites, which will share the keynote session and two plenary sessions with this meeting. By bringing together leading experts on multiple pathogens from distinct scientific arenas, this meeting will surmount barriers that have emerged from more limited interactions between traditionally disparate organism-centric communities. The meeting will also provide an opportunity to obtain mentoring on issues spanning grant writing (workshop led by the NIH), career development, and publication in top-tier journals (workshop led by senior editors of top journals).

During free time in the afternoon, meeting participants will be able to enjoy skiing at the majestic Sangre de Cristo mountain range easily accessible by a complementary shuttle. The Convention Center is located within a few blocks of museums, art galleries, restaurants, and the Sante Fe marketplace, where local Indians exhibit and sell hand-crafted products. More details on the conference, activities and services can be found at the following link: