The roundup of twittered updates for 2011-10-03

  • Two fungal JGI CSP projects I am involved in got greenlighted: Coprinopsis functional genomics and our proposal of 1000 Fungal genomes. #
  • MHC genotypes associate with resistance to a frog-killing fungus #
  • Exploiting and Subverting Tor Signaling in the Pathogenesis of Fungi, Parasites, and Viruses #
  • Nuclear and genome dynamics in multinucleate ascomycete fungi #
  • Friend or foe: using systems biology to elucidate interactions between fungi and their hosts #
  • Cryptococcal titan cell formation is regulated by G-protein signaling in response to multiple stimuli #
  • Single cell transcriptomics of neighboring hyphae of Aspergillus niger #
  • Speciation despite globally overlapping distributions in P. chrysogenum: the pop genetics of Fleming's lucky fungus #
  • Genetic Diversity, Recombination, and Divergence in Animal Associated Penicillium dipodomyis #

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