The roundup of twittered updates for 2012-01-23

  • Temperate Climate Niche for Cryptococcus gattii in Northern Europe #
  • Regulatory interactionis for iron homoeostatis in Aspergillus fumigatus inferred by a Systems Biology approach #
  • Cooperation among germinating spores facilitates the growth of the fungus, Neurospora crassa #
  • Evolution of antifreeze protein genes in the diatom genus fragilariopsis: evidence for horizontal gene transfer… #
  • conserved global regulator VeA is necessary for symptom prod & mycotoxin synth in maize by Fusarium verticillioides #
  • Patterns of Repeat-Induced Point Mutation in Transposable Elements of Basidiomycete Fungi. #
  • Draft genome sequencing of the enigmatic yeast Saitoella complicata (Taphrinomycotina) #

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