Postdoc position in Fungal biodiversity at Max Planck-Marburg

Post doc position in the Max Planck Research Group in Fungal Biodiversity

A one-­?year (renewable depending on results) postdoctoral position is available in the field of molecular evolution and computational biology in the newly established Max Planck Research Group in Fungal Biodiversity headed by Dr. Eva H. Stukenbrock. Our team is part of the Max Planck Institute of Terrestrial Microbiology in Marburg, Germany.


We study speciation and host specialization processes in fungal plant pathogens in an evolutionary and ecological context. A main goal of our research is to understand the underlying molecular mechanism of species divergence and adaptive processes in host-­?pathogen systems. We integrate functional and experimental approaches with high throughput sequence data and bioinformatics to study the functional and evolutionary biology of closely related pathogen species, which have evolved and specialized to different hosts and environments. Our model system is a group of closely related grass pathogens including the prominent wheat pathogen Mycosphaerella graminicola. To contrast evolutionary processes in different ecosystems we have compared population genomic data from M. graminicola and closely related species infecting non-­cultivated hosts in natural grasslands. In the lab, we validate and characterize candidate genes emerging from our evolutionary predictions. For this we have developed genetic tools and functional assays to study the role of candidate genes in host specialization or speciation.


This post doctoral project focuses on the evolution of gene regulation, and its implication in host specialization and speciation. The selected post doc candidate will be in charge of analyzing a large transcriptome dataset including RNAseq data from different combinations of host and pathogen species. Research perspectives are open, and the post doc candidate will be largely involved in the design of all experiments and analyses, providing they relate to host specialization and speciation.


The post doctoral candidate will ideally:

  •  Have a PhD in evolutionary biology with expertise in bioinformatics and genomics.
  •  Be proficient in statistical computing, including experience with R and analysis of large data sets in a linux environment.
  •  Have basic programming / scripting skills (Bash, Perl, Python, or similar).


Application should be sent to Eva H. Stukenbrock (eva.stukenbrock@mpi-­ before May 1st. The position will however remain open until filled. The application should include a short CV with statement of research interests, together with a cover letter including names and contact information of two references.

Relevant papers

Stukenbrock EH et al. Genome Res. 2011 Dec;21(12):2157-­?66.
Stukenbrock EH et al. PLoS Genet. 2010 Dec 23;6(12):e1001189
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