End of Summer 2012, lots of fungal and microbial faculty jobs advertised

A few faculty jobs to post in case you hadn’t already seen these. Apparently working with Fungi can get you a job.

Via the MSA jobs board

UW Madison has an Assistant Professor of Mycology position advertised, with search closing September 15.

Cluster hires of 2 individuals in Fungal Evolution and an Assistant professor of Mycology at the University of Minnesota. It sounds like the cluster hire would really like someone with genomics and fungal biology so if you like reading this blog you might be a really good candidate though a whole range of research in fungi seems appropriate.

3 faculty positions in Molecular Microbology at Washington University in St Louis in the Molecular Microbiology department.

UC Berkeley’s IB department is recruiting for Ecology and Evolution of Infectious diseases applications due by Nov 1.

A faculty position in the Biofrontiers Institute at University of Colorado, Boulder is an interdisciplinary position where integrative approaches including computational biology and bioinformatics with deadline of November 1, 2012.  Also advertised are two positions in Evolutionary Biology at CU-Boulder in the EIBO department.