PostdoC: Tri-Institutional Molecular Mycology and Pathogenesis Training Program (Tri-I MMPTP)

The TRI-I MMPTP (Research Triangle, North Carolina) have ONE open fellowship slot to start as early as 8/1/20 and applications are now being accepted for the slot to be filled on a rolling basis.  As a reminder, since this is a T32 program the fellows must be US citizens or permanent residents.  Fellows placed on the training grant can receive up to 3 years of fellowship support. 

A diverse set of faculty across 3 universities (UNC-Chapel Hill, Duke University, NC State) working on molecular mycology from plant pathology, animal disease, pathogenesis, evolution, cellular and molecular biology of fungi

Updated information about the program, our long successful history, and application specifics can all be found on our website:

To plan ahead, we are also anticipating having TWO additional open slots to start next year on 8/1/21.

If you have interested applicants, please have them email me directly at:

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