Lichen genome projects and the power shift prompted by next-gen sequencing

Genome Technology highlights the very cool thing about next-gen sequencing – it puts the power in the hands of the researchers to explore genome sequence and doesn’t limit them to projects only funded through sequencing centers. The Genome Technology piece highlights work at Duke to sequence the genome Cladonia grayi, a lichenized fungus, with 454 technology at Duke’s Institute for Genome Sciences and Policy through their next-gen sequencing program.

Postdoc: Fungal Evolution at University Arizona (Arnold Lab)

The Arnold lab at the University of Arizona seeks a postdoctoral researcher as part of a recently funded, collaborative project supported by the National Science Foundation’s Genealogy of Life (GoLife) program. The project centers on enriching phylogenetic knowledge of the Pezizomycotina through new collections of endophytic and endolichenic fungi, with special attention to the evolution of symbioses with photosynthetic prokaryotes and … Continue reading Postdoc: Fungal Evolution at University Arizona (Arnold Lab)

The roundup of twittered updates for 2011-02-28

Elastase Activity in Aspergillus fumigatus Can Arise by Random, Spontaneous Mutations # A fumigatus toxin Fumagillin suppresses the immune response of Galleria larvae by inhibiting the action of haemocytes # Fungal community associated with fermentation and storage of Fuzhuan brick-tea # Cdc42/Rho GTPases in fungi: variations on a common theme # … Continue reading The roundup of twittered updates for 2011-02-28

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-04-20

AutoMsg: Server starting # How to make vaccines in Neurospora.…..009.02.006 # Added strain table for Histoplasma and link to Acremonium genome # Fungi making styrofoam – via Kabir – # RT @hyphaltip: Lichen named for Pres Obama by UCR herbarium curator Kerry Knudsen # Starting bitbucket repo for data format projects … Continue reading Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-04-20