Affordable sequencing technology has made it possible to determine the genome sequence of many organisms. The fungal kingdom has had the fortune of more than 100 genomes completed and will continue to grow. We hope this blog can highlight some of the interesting happenings and scientific progress that is being made as well as share our fascination with fungi.

Some photos from the site are from Jason Stajich’s and Nhu Nguyen‘s pictures of macrofungi in our Mycology Flickr Pool. Please join the pool if you are interested in contributing pictures of fungi.

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  1. HI, I’m looking for a diagram depicting the different yeast clades, do you know where i can get one? I’m new to the yeast world so please excuse the my ignorance of this subject.


  2. I want to label the cell wall, vacoule, cytoplasm and buds (if present) of the ascomycota (yeast) cell in the 40X and a scale bar

  3. I want to label the cell wall, vacoule, cytoplasm and the bud if present under the 40X, including heading and scale bar

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