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Caffeine induced alternative splicing

A study shows how Caffeine regulates alternative splicing in a subset cancer-associated genes including the transcription factor and tumor suppressor KLF6 through the splicing factor SC35.  There is a necessary “caffeine response element” in the intron of KLF6 which plays a role in the splice-site choice, although caffeine induces up-regulation of SC35 and over-expression of SC35 is sufficient to mimic the caffeine response.

Neurospora alternative splicing

mitochondriaA quick link to a Neurospora paper in Genetics today entitled “Alternative Splicing Gives Rise to Different Isoforms of the Neurospora crassa Tob55 Protein That Vary in Their Ability to Insert ß-Barrel Proteins Into the Outer Mitochondrial Membrane”. The authors investigated alternative splicing of a gene found in the TOB complex on the outside of the mitochondria. They found reduced growth rate when a strain expressed only the the longest form of three isoforms and confirmed the protein expression of the three isoforms with mass spec.