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Neurospora business lunch at Asilomar

[From Kevin McCluskey at the FGSC]

I am pleased to send this invitation to the Neurospora Luncheon which will be held Wednesday at the Fungal Genetics Conference. It will take place in the Chapel and box lunches will be available. This luncheon is for everyone who works with Neurospora or who wants to work with Neurospora. Please come and hear what is going on and share your opinions. It is especially important that Post-docs and students come to these meetings.

Neurospora Business Meeting


Asilomar 2011

Wednesday, March 16, 12:15 pm – 2:00+ pm

12:15 pm	Announcement of Perkins Award recipients for 2011
12:25 pm	FGSC and Neurospora meeting update- Kevin McCluskey
12:30 pm 	Fungal Genetics Reports update- Matt Sachs
12:35 pm	Neurospora e-news-  Kathy Borkovich
12:40 pm 	Update on Neurospora gene set, James Galagan - discussion
1:00 pm	Fungal Genome Database- Jason Stajich - discussion
1:15 pm  	Update on Systems Biology grant- Kathy Borkovich and Steve Osmani, James Galagan, Matt Sachs
1:30 pm	Update on QTL grant-  John Taylor and Louise Glass
1:40 pm	Update on bioenergy grant-  Louise Glass
1:50 pm	Announcement  for "Neurospora 2012" - March 8 - 11, 2012
		Scientific Program Chairs: Stephan Seiler and Matt Sachs
 	        Further discussion - topics from the floor.

Attending the Fungal Genome Tools session at Asilomar?

On Friday March 18, starting at 12:15 PM in Chapel at the Fungal Genetics meeting we’ll have a session about building tools for Fungal Genome data.  This is not a tutorial as much as a presentation of the available.  This will be primarily focused around web-based resources for analyzing and visualizing genome data from the Fungi. We will also make the slides available from this.

If you’ll be attending this session we need to have a head count of who will want a box lunch so we don’t run out.

Please sign up on this google doc here.


When: Friday March 18, 2011; 12:15PM – 1:30 PM
Where: Location: Chapel

12 min talks. Followed by open discussion of avenues of collaboration data resources sharing.

12  Boxed lunches in room
12:15 – 12:30 SGD/CGD/AspGD – Stacia Engel (SGD)
12:30 – 12:45 Mycocosm – Igor Grigoriev (JGI)
12:45   – 1:00 FungiDB – Jason Stajich (UC Riverside)
1:00  – 1:15 Comparative Fungal Genomics Platform – Yong-Hwan Lee (Seoul National University)
1:15   – 1:30 MicrobesOnline Fungal Genomics resource (Paramvir Dehal, UC Berkeley/LLNL)
1:30   – 2:00 Discussion


Fungal Genome Tools discussion as Asilomar

For those of you building tools or heavily accessing fungal genome data, I am working to try and collect more resources about what is available and help coordinate access to common datasets. To this end I have organized a lunchtime session at the 2011 Fungal Genetics conference at Asilomar with the participation of several groups who provide genome browsers and data mining tools. The session is currently scheduled for the lunch on Friday, March 18 for those going to the conference.

There is also a mailing list to coordinate the topics in the session.  I am hoping the list will be a place for dialogues to share ideas, information about fungal genomics resources, and eventually better coordination of access to tools and data for the community.


Fungal conferences abstract wordle

I am preparing to read through the abstracts submitted for the 26th Fungal Genetics Conference in choosing talks for my session and I wondered if there were any changing trends in the topics over the years. While I won’t put up the Wordle for this year’s abstracts till the booklet is published, I thought I’d see how the topics trended in the last few years for some of these meetings. Will be fun to do this for a few more years back to see whether real trends emerge.

The data is a little cleaned up but the text included institution and individual names so things like university and department show up as prominent in some of these graphs.

Here is the Neurospora 2010 meeting (wordle page)

Neurospora 2010 abstracts Wordle
2010 Neurospora abstracts Wordle


Neurospora 2008 (wordle page)

2008 Neurospora conference abstracts Wordle

25th (2009) Fungal Genetics Conference (wordle page)

25th Fungal Genetics Abstracts
25th Fungal Genetics Wordle

24th (2007) Fungal Genetics Conference (wordle page)

24th Fungal Genetics abstracts Wordle


Asilomar registration and abstracts due by Dec 14th

If you’ve waited till the deadline, well here it is. Get your registration and abstracts in to the Fungal Genetics 2011 meeting by Dec 14th or you’ll miss out an week of fungal genetic fun in March. A great slate of speakers is already lined up with an banquet keynote by Dr Salomon Bartnicki-Garcia and many of opportunities for you to present your work through the chosen abstracts for talks and the poster sessions.

The gates are open for FGC 2011

Time to get those abstracts polished, and register for Fungal Genetics 2011 at the Asilomar conference center. The registration site is now open and you have till Dec 14 to register and submit your abstract.  Don’t delay, this is a great meeting and it can fill up.  The topics presented are a broad range of evolutionary, genetics, molecular, developmental biology of fungi and industrial applications of fungi, teaching mycology and genetics.

Hope you can make it!

Fungal Genetics 2011

Fungal Genetics is only 6 months away

The Fungal Genetics Policy committee and conference organizers Linda Kohn and Steve Osmani have posted the preliminary program for the 26th Fungal Genetics Conference to be held in March 15-20, 2011.  Mark your calendars and get those abstracts in shape as the submissions open on Oct 27 and close in early December. This meeting fills up – be prepared to sign up well before the deadline.

There is also a contest for the logo for this year’s conference.  You can see previous ones and you are encouraged to submit something to appear on T-shirts and the program.  I believe these can be submitted to Kevin McCluskey or the Fungal Genetics Policy Committee.

In addition to the plenary speakers & concurrent sessions, there will be workshops for several fungal research communities held before and after the meeting. There will also be lunchtime meetings of various groups. I’m organizing a lunchtime meeting on Fungal Genome Tools which we are working to share ideas and communicate the directions various fungal data providers are working towards.  Please join the list if you are interested in participating in the meeting – however we expect this to be about reporting work to develop new tools not a tutorial session.

I also hope we can engage a few more social networking tools (though we’re mostly chatting not tweeting during this meeting) to meet those with similar fungal and technology interests and share the happenings with those who can’t quite make it.  I started a Flickr group for the 2009 meeting – maybe we’ll get more contributions of photos and videos of the science and fun that happens at these gatherings.