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Fungal conferences abstract wordle

I am preparing to read through the abstracts submitted for the 26th Fungal Genetics Conference in choosing talks for my session and I wondered if there were any changing trends in the topics over the years. While I won’t put up the Wordle for this year’s abstracts till the booklet is published, I thought I’d see how the topics trended in the last few years for some of these meetings. Will be fun to do this for a few more years back to see whether real trends emerge.

The data is a little cleaned up but the text included institution and individual names so things like university and department show up as prominent in some of these graphs.

Here is the Neurospora 2010 meeting (wordle page)

Neurospora 2010 abstracts Wordle
2010 Neurospora abstracts Wordle


Neurospora 2008 (wordle page)

2008 Neurospora conference abstracts Wordle

25th (2009) Fungal Genetics Conference (wordle page)

25th Fungal Genetics Abstracts
25th Fungal Genetics Wordle

24th (2007) Fungal Genetics Conference (wordle page)

24th Fungal Genetics abstracts Wordle


Art with Fungi

I had the pleasure of meeting Phil Ross, a SF area artist, last night at the BABS Darwin Day Celebration. He has been growing fungi in a variety of different ways to make living art in an project called ‘Pure Culture‘. He is using Ganoderma lucidum (a Polyporales fungus, which is being sequenced in Taiwan) grown in molds (plaster, not the other kind of molds) to create some fantastic shapes including a recreation of a photo of a drop of milk splashing as seen to the right.

[Corrected: Brain was not in gear, Ganoderma is not an Agaricales, but a Polyporales basidiomycete fungus.]