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Stagonospora nodorum genome published

Blogging about Peer-Reviewed ResearchThe Stagonospra nodorum (teleomorph Phaeosphaeria nodorum) genome is now published in Plant Cell, “Sequencing and EST Analysis of the Wheat Pathogen Stagonospora nodorum”. The paper describes the sequencing and analysis of this Dothideomycete fungus. The analyses included identifying genes likely involved in pathogenecity such as PKS and NRPS genes and enabled the discovery of new genes like ToxA.

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Genomes on the horizon at JGI

Several more fungi are on the docket for sequencing at JGI through their community sequencing program. This includes

This complements an ever growing list of fungal genome sequences which is probably topping 80+ now not including the several dozen strains of Saccharomyces that are being sequenced at Sanger Centre and a separately funded NIH project to be sequenced at WashU.

Pyrenophora tritici-repentis

The genome of Pyrenophora tritici-repentis, the fourth sequenced Dothideomycete genome, was released by the FGI at the Broad Institute this spring (March 2007). P. tiritici-repentis was sequenced for its role as the cause of tan spot on wheat and as a research model for other Pyrenophora sp. that are pathogens of several grasses.

The 6X assembly contains 37.8 Mb of sequence similar to the other Dothideomycetes such as Stagnospora nodorum (37.2 Mb), Alternaria brassicola (32 Mb), and Mycosphaerella graminicola (41.8 Mb).