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Lest you think annotation is easy

Ensembl!Ewan Birney and Ensembl (the other/original genome browser depending on if you are a UCSC junkie) have started blogging a bit more about what is going on under the proverbial hood over there in Hinxton.  There are some great nuggets talking about what are some of the current problems.  These bite-sized comments should be a great glimpse into what is going on without drowning in the deluge that is ensembl-dev.  

This is a recent post on the challenges of gene annotation coordination among “manual” and “automated” annotation of gene structure of groups at the same institution.  

Scale that up among multiple genomes, genome centers, quality of prediction programs and assemblies, and you can see why the fungal genome comparisons could use a little bit more help. It is great to hear what the animal genome annotation groups are doing to solve informatics challenges and data management issues and coordination. I’m big fan of more informatics+science in the open where it is feasible.