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Postdoc: genome evolution of mycoheterotrophic plants.

 Naturalis has a position for a Postdoctoral researcher in the laboratory of Vincent Merckx

 We seek a postdoctoral fellow for a 12-month project on the genome evolution of mycoheterotrophic plants. The project will employ next-generation sequencing techniques for de novo  genome and transcriptome assembly of achlorophyllous mycoheterotrophic flowering plants. There will be a strong focus on genome assembly and genome comparison to dectect common genetic patterns in the evolution of mycoheterotrophy.

Full advert is here: Postdoc_Merckx

More information: mycoheterotrophy.com
Twitter: @VMerckx
YouTube: youtube.com/vincentmerckx

Summer courses for informatics and genomics

Cornwall School House Nº 4 (1892)Here’s a few courses to consider for the summer that cover informatics, genomics, and metagenomics analysis focusing on next generation sequencing. The deadlines are fast approaching so apply soon. (There are undoubtably more, and I’m happy to post here if you have suggestions)
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