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Fungi on Science Friday

NPR’s Science Friday covered fungi with several myco-luminaries on the radiowaves including:

The show also speaks with Gavin Sherlock on recently published work on the origins of lager yeast.

Synthetic Biology on the Radio

Definitely worth listening to the RadioLab show episode “So-Called Life”. The second act describes some “MIT bioengineering kids” who engineered sweet smelling E.coli. I’m sure some of them interviewed hang out at OWW, like Reshma. The sound effects for gene exchange and “The BioEngineers song” at the end of the 2nd act is definitely worth listening to. Still trying to find a link to the song itsself.

The third act talks with founder of Codon Devices, George Church, and Craig. They describe George “as Santa Clause as played by Clark Gable.”

We salute a show singing the praises of mighty microbes.