WRIFO: Women Researchers in Fungi & Oomycetes

Women Researchers in Fungi & Oomycetes or WRIFO aims to make it easier for conference organizers and award committees to identify women in the field for conference steering committees, speakers, keynote lecturers, and award nominees. WRIFO was launched in April 2016 as an open google spreadsheet. Additions and edits can be made directly on the sheet and there are drop down menus to select research area, geographic location, career stage and free form keywords and website URLs.

We have chosen to focus on faculty or equivalent positions only in this list. This is based on the observation that postdocs and graduate students are often well-represented as speakers picked from abstracts (contributed talks), but there has been less success supporting women in independent research positions with invitations to serve on steering committees, give talks, and award nominations.

WRIFO is aimed at improving the gender balance of speakers at conferences, which can  be achieved by having a balanced nomination committee, as shown by recent ASM conferences.  We also point to other efforts to promote gender and racial diversity on the conference and seminar front such as lists hosted at Nicole King’s labsite, Diversify EEB.

Michelle Momany & Jason Stajich

NB – some efforts to update this page with info over time will occur.

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